For over 50 years, Copts in America have been making strides in all areas of the business and professional worlds. They are titans of industry, brilliant scholars, medical pioneers, legal lions and successful entrepreneurs.


In a word, Copts are ACHIEVERS. Always have been, always will be.


And yet throughout our history in the diaspora, no person or organization has ever taken the monumental step of uniting these extraordinary individuals and business enterprises in one commercial setting.


Until now.


Introducing the COPTIC AMERICAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE: An entrepreneurial initiative created by Coptic attorney and marketing expert Nader Anise. Its goal is to help promote Coptic businesses and give them the marketing and sales tools needed to succeed, both within the Coptic community and outside of it.


The idea is to offer members the know-how to grow their businesses, while bringing them together for networking and referral opportunities. It will also give Copts in America one, powerful, business voice, which benefits all of us.


A secondary goal of the Coptic Chamber is to showcase Coptic industry leaders who are making an impact. Whether they are the leaders of today or tomorrow, they are a key component for the growth of the Coptic community at large. They deserve the recognition.


So, whether you own a business or are a Coptic leader… join us, won’t you?